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We treat your body from inside and outside

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  • We take care of your body from the outside and the inside in a unique way

  • For the duration of the event, guests can tap their own beer as they wish

  • We guarantee you 100% privacy during the entire procedure

Beer baths have been one of the most popular types of baths since the Middle Ages.

Beer spa Bernard

A very old and unique spa therapy that uses natural ingredients in the form of hops, yeast and other natural substances that have a beneficial effect on your body.

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In addition to the beer spa, it is also possible to order a individual massages at the Štěpánská 33 branch, Prague 1

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Are you planning a bachelor party or a bigger birthday party ? Join us to plan an event you won't forget!


Try a homemade snack to go with your treatment, which goes great with beer. We offer great pickled cheese, drowned cheese, crackling spread or Csabai sausages!


Let us offer you our original beer cosmetics!

Bernard is produced from the finest varieties of Czech hops

  1. The basis is high-quality malt, produced using traditional production methods, in our own humn malthouse in Rajhrad near Brno.

  2. The basis of the beer is water, water from springs is used for the production of Bernard beer, which has ideal properties.

  3. Bernard brewery creates its own yeast for production.

  4. The two-mash beer production process in the brewery is also traditional.

We do not require a valid vaccination certificate, antigen or PCR test. The beer spa rooms are 100% private, so you will not come into contact with other visitors in these rooms. We disinfect these rooms after every treatment.

Yes. You can take photos and videos in the spa, but please be aware that you will come into contact with the water. Extra care is needed when handling your mobile phone or camera.

We pride ourselves on providing 100% confidentiality, so each room is completely private. The attendant is only present at the beginning of the treatment to provide all information about the treatment. During the treatment, the attendant will only come if you ring for help with a bell to the room.

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History of beer baths

Spa as such appeared 4 thousand years ago in India. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians also knew about the beneficial effects of spa on the human body. The history of beer production dates back to the 7th millennium BC, when beer was discovered, probably by mistake, by the ancient Sumerians. They mistook the grain they were growing and the principle of fermentation was invented.

The connection between beer and baths is officially known from the Middle Ages, when the knowledge of the beneficial effects of bathing in beer was established from the sources. The preventive effects of beer baths and beer baths had already been discovered at this time.


History of
beer and malt production

The history of beer production dates back to the 7th millennium BC, when beer was discovered, somewhat accidentally, by the ancient Sumerians. It was the method of making beer that began in the poor storage of the grain they grew. The grain was stored in earthenware vessels into which water was poured, and thus the principle of fermentation was discovered.

The production process has remained unchanged for centuries - everything starts with the milling of malt and the subsequent brewing of beer. The wort is then cooled and propagated yeast is used, followed by the main fermentation. This semi-finished beer is placed in beer tanks where the beer lies and matures. After the beer has lain and matured, it undergoes flint and microbiological filtration. This is where all beer lovers rejoice, as after these procedures the beer is bottled and shipped.