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Bernard beer spa for groups

Would you like to have the whole area of our spa to yourself? We offer rental services and facilities for groups tailored to their requirements - unlimited beer, welcome drink, masseurs,...

Unlimited consumption of Bernard beer

To begin with, we offer unlimited consumption of great Bernard beer. There are beer taps available at each tub, from which you will be able to tap the beer yourself (we will be happy to teach you how to do it). You will definitely not be thirsty here!

Original Beer Spa

We have 3 extra large, specially shaped beer tubs made of larch wood. Beer extracts from which Bernard beer is made are added to the pleasant warm bath and the jets are running for the duration of the treatment, creating the perfect beer bubble bath.

Finnish sauna

Great Finnish sauna for up to 6 people. Here you will recharge your energy for our other activities.


Hydromassage removes fatigue and pain. While relaxing in the whirlpool you can enjoy a pleasant hydro massage. The capacity of the whirlpool is 2 persons.

2 professional massage therapists

Certified trained masseurs will give you a pleasant relaxing massage. Up to 2 masseurs are available at a time when booking.


Are you looking for a place to relax? You can use the heated beds or our salt cave!

Welcome drink

To kick off the event, we can also offer you the original Welcome drink, Bernard Bohemian Sekt 0,75l. It's up to you how many bottles of this great drink you stay with :-)


At such a big party you will definitely get hungry! That's why we offer you great refreshments in the form of original Csabai sausages, pickled sausages, marinated cheese, or delicious homemade grease spread. Always with great bread! You can trust that these delicacies will come in handy.

Salt cave

During the whole party, it is ideal to relax a little. Why not use our salt cave? Come and relieve the stress and fatigue of overwork in our salt cave, where you are allowed to take our delicious Bernard beer!

Exclusive lease for groups - without massage for 1 hour 15900 CZK
Lux version with 2 masseurs for 1 hour 18900 CZK
Exclusive lease for groups - without massage for 2 hours 21900 CZK
Lux version with 2 masseurs for 2 hours 24900 CZK
Exclusive lease for groups - without massage for 3 hours 28500 CZK
Lux version with 2 masseurs for 3 hours 31500 CZK

Fügnerovo nám. 1, 120 00 Praha 2
Karoliny Světlé 20, 110 00 Praha 1

Choose one of our services andExperience the beer spa for yourself


History of beer baths

Spa as such appeared 4 thousand years ago in India. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians also knew about the beneficial effects of spa on the human body. The history of beer production dates back to the 7th millennium BC, when beer was discovered, probably by mistake, by the ancient Sumerians. They mistook the grain they were growing and the principle of fermentation was invented.

The connection between beer and baths is officially known from the Middle Ages, when the knowledge of the beneficial effects of bathing in beer was established from the sources. The preventive effects of beer baths and beer baths had already been discovered at this time.


History of
beer and malt production

The history of beer production dates back to the 7th millennium BC, when beer was discovered, somewhat accidentally, by the ancient Sumerians. It was the method of making beer that began in the poor storage of the grain they grew. The grain was stored in earthenware vessels into which water was poured, and thus the principle of fermentation was discovered.

The production process has remained unchanged for centuries - everything starts with the milling of malt and the subsequent brewing of beer. The wort is then cooled and propagated yeast is used, followed by the main fermentation. This semi-finished beer is placed in beer tanks where the beer lies and matures. After the beer has lain and matured, it undergoes flint and microbiological filtration. This is where all beer lovers rejoice, as after these procedures the beer is bottled and shipped.