Beer shampoo + Beer shower gel - 2x 100ml (plastic)

Beer shower gel
Refreshing beer shower gel contains skin beneficial minerals along with cleansing and skin calming hops. This shower gel with high content of beer, vitamin B and glycerine is suitable for everyday use. After showering skin remains soft and moisturized. Bernard Beer shower gel is very gentle on skin and supports its regeneration, therefore is suitable for daily use. Hops extract rejuvenates the skin while cleansing, nourishing and soothing it. Natural grain extracts soften the skin. Beer shower gel not only beneficially affects the skin, but also increases the quality of hair and nails, supports the overall regeneration of the body. Creates a sense of relaxation and physical well-being.

Beer shampoo
Soft beer shampoo enriched with high beer content, grain extracts, panthenol, peat and lanolin moderates hair breakage, makes hair stronger and regain its natural shine, gives hair fresh look and adds volume. Combination of extracts of beer yeast and hops has excellent moisturizing, antiseptic and moderately healing and anti-inflammatory effects. The formula contains proteins, lipoids, vitamins and other hair and skin beneficial substances, which soothe the scalp. Balanced pH and an effective combination of extracts guarantee a perfect and gentle washing. The Beer shampoo is very mild and gentle, protects hair and is suitable for daily use.

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