Finnish sauna 100 min.

The air temperature in the upper part of the sauna is between 90 - 110 ° C and in the lower part around 60 °C. The recommended time in a sauna is 8 - 15 minutes. During the session in sauna you should be mainly guided by our feelings. Subsequently, the body should cool down and relax. It is recommended to repeat the whole cycle three times. The regular visit shows a noticeable increase in immunity. A sauna visit is recommended as a perfect prevention against influenza disease (Flu). Sauna improves the function of internal organs (heart, lungs and liver) as it removes toxic substances from the body, is suitable for the treatment of blood pressure disorders (hypotonia), arthrosis, joint diseases, non-inflammatory rheumatism and is also recommended for the treatment of depression. It is very suitable as a supplement in weight loss and cellulite prevention. In addition, endorphins - the hormones of happiness - emerge from the body during the sauna.

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